AFC / NFC Championship Picks

January 22, 2010

As January winds down we are faced with three jarring realizations:  1)  Football season is almost over; 2)  Thursday nights will not longer be spent with our favorite Italian-Americans on MTV’s Jersey Shore; and 3)  Conan O’Brien will host his final “Tonight Show” this evening.  How are we going to adjust?  Is there going to be a new cast for a second season on Jersey Shore?  How similar are Jay Leno and Brett Favre?  Before we get to the picks let’s touch on the two television shows that have become must see TV over these last few weeks.

First we head to Seaside, New Jersey where Sammie “Sweetheart”, Ronnie, Pauly D, Vinnie, Snooki, J-WOWWW and The Situation all fist pumped at Karma for the last time yesterday in primetime.  We’ve talked “Jersey Shore” a few times here, starting with the now infamous premiere where America was treated to a hilarious 2 hours of quotes and madness.  Then back in December we heard from the Situation as his star was rising. Then the magnificent 7  finished off the year making the rounds on late night and ringing in 2010 as MTV’s cohosts in Times Square.  Its hard to imagine that a show with a two month lifespan could have led to countless news stories and club appearances that will end up making these kids a lot of money.  Say what you want about MTV’s shallowness but I am going to miss these guys; the reunion show was not enough.  My new hope is that Ronnie and The Situation will be plugged for a Real World/Road Rules challenge, though MTV could cause the apocalypse if those two cross paths with the idiots on RW/RR Challenge.  It would be wildly entertaining to see The Situation talk about his abs to less famous Real World castmembers just to see what kind of blank looks he could draw.  Plus there’s no where to tan and do your laundry on those islands so it may not have a chance to get off the ground.  In case you need to see more, Amazon is already taking preorders for the Uncensored Jersey Shore DVD. Just one burning questions from the finale remains: How does The Situation own a Range Rover?  He drives off in one at the end and remember this is before he’s “famous”.  He must be some kind of gym rat/personal trainer so how does he pull down enough to drive that car?  Somebody answer me.

Moving over to network television where Conan O’Brien will host the “Tonight Show” for the final time this evening.  While Conan was stripped of one of the most successful and marquee television franchises in American history he is walking away with 45 Million and is free to go elsewhere.  Wherever Conan ends up I hope his first guest is Aaron Rodgers so they could have the following conversation:

Conan: So Aaron it had to be kind of strange when you assumed that you would be starting for the Packers after Brett Favre announced his retirement then you were unfairly thrown in the middle of a sh*tstorm created by Favre and management.  What was that like?

Rodgers: Well, Conan, I’m guessing we have a lot in common that way.  Didn’t Leno announce his retirement and hand over the reins to the “Tonight Show” to you only to pull a 180 a few months later with NBC getting involved?

Conan: Absolutely, only the management I worked for made me look bad and took shots at me while bending over to appease Leno.

Rodgers: Oh so they were kind of like Brad Childress when Brett ending up on the Vikings as far as the bending over and appeasing part goes?

Conan: Yes that is basically how it went.  Leno was my Favre only I didn’t have Ted Thompson to stick up for me and move forward.  Instead I was stuck with yes men who would have done anything for ratings at that point but they had completely isolated their younger deomographic by doing this and screwed themselves even further.

Brad Childress is flirting with becoming NBC, sacrificing the future to take a shot for immediate glory.  If Favre fails him this weekend the Vikings and NBC have the same problem on their hands.  They’ve built their hopes of success around one older guy but if either fails they are in the same spot as they were before creating this mess but with no one ready to take over and succeed when he goes away.

Winners in bold.


New York Jets at Indianapolis
Minnesota at New Orleans

Last Week: 1-3
Playoffs Overall: 3-5


New York Jets at Indianapolis
Minnesota at New Orleans

Last Week: 2-2
Playoffs Overall:

Hugh’s Picks vs the Spread: Jets (+7.5), Saints (-3.5)

Last Week: 0-4
Overall: 2-6


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January 14, 2010

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